Catalan calçots in the Melic del Gòtic – with the obligatory apron

calçots Melic de Gòtic

The calçot variety of the onion family is in vogue these days. This tasty vegetable, which looks like a leek, is a Catalan speciality that is cooked on an open fire and accompanied with romesco sauce. The wintercalçots season means long traffic jams of day-trippers making their way to the villages of Catalonia to taste them at gatherings that are known as calçotades.

The most well known area for this is Valls near Tarragona. However, with the current price of petrol as high as it is, these days the trip need not be so far. Neither do you need to grow them in your vegetable garden, or order them online to be delivered to your door. Why not take a stroll down from Plaça Catalunya to calle Montsió and step into the Melic del Gòtic restaurant? The whole calçotada experience is on hand complete with grilled meats, toasted farmhouse bread, crema catalana dessert and a nice glass of wine.

And of course, the calçots are served in the traditional style on a clay tile, and with the necessary apron for diners. Here you have the Saturday and Sunday lunchtime menu:

Calçots with romesco sauce

Lamb, butifarra sausage and black pudding, with beans and roast potato

Crema catalana dessert

Toast with tomato topping

Water and wine


Price: €30 including VAT